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heart attacked
I just got a letter from my mother explaining she has been in hospital for five days with bronchial pneumonia. The sickest, ie closest to death, she's ever been. She's 78 years old and had more
the crimes of President Trump, as listed in the Declaration of Independence
The Declaration of Independence lists crimes against the American people which drove them to reject British rule. Replace ‘the King’ with ‘Trump’ and this list still makes sense. "We hold these truths to be self-evident, more
graffiti confetti butt
I was cycling along the river where the water mets the trees, there is a little grove there which is sacred to me and it seems to be a forest in a parallel universe. It more
Had to change trains twice to get home and I was reading Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskell, great, familiar, female, underrated. On the second train I glanced up when somebody laughed and saw a short, beautiful more
May Day, May Day
Two people made fuck, out on the concreted area in front of the apartments. I recognised the act by her cries. He had her sprawled over a car bonnet with his hand around her throat, more
The Great Fire
Only Shirley Hazzard could end a novel by writing explicitly of a virgin woman's clitoris - which she describes with a kind of cheerful poetic simplicity as 'the final fleshly inch where he could wake more
music unfolds in the Funkhaus, live and barely planned
Today we will be making a new song, the first towards Cathoel & the New Government's eventual second album. First album prompted 50s jazz impresario Bob 'King' Crawford to say, "In my opinion you will more
don’t stand so far from me
Och, my heart's pounding! I just queued in the supermarket next to a man taller than me (rare) with whom I conceived one of those fleeting yet it stains your day - your weekend! - more
I was working in a cafe, head down, muttering the words aloud under my breath as I forged down the page writing for hours. The man next to me started to take an interest. I more