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a Berlin evening, so cold, so sweet
After an exceptionally difficult night and a day of doing difficult work, I said: I need to go out. Let's go someplace we can have a glass of red and a plate of food. I more
it has sun
In the cafe he showed me the pictures he had taken on his walk here, of a dog skateboarding in the park. "You should animate those into a thumb-book!" I said. Amy Winehouse was singing. more
the meagrely satisfying throne
He didn’t want to be President. Not if President means making sticky decisions, and being blamed for things (most of the world calls this ‘adult responsibility’), and being woken at four to read the papers. more
pity flamingo
Every week I cross town on the train and we pass a tower block of identical grey-frame units which have grey balconies. One balcony, at eye level with the train, has a bright pink inflatable more
salami baby jesus
I may or may not have been down to the markets today to visit the man who runs a wonderful salami stall; he offers salamii (that's the plural) of goose, duck, venison, and pig. This more
the young man with a long way to go
The young man in the place where we are staying is Moroccan and comes from the desert, which he describes to me as 'sympa', sympathetic, a kind place. As opposed to the hustle and throng more
all for you
Alone in the house for the first time in days I feel a sadness descend and take me in its wings. I'm sad for Dad. It has come from pottering and tidying, I washed up more
welcome, Auntie
I've joined a Facebook group which posts pictures of people's dogs. The rules are long and repetitive: only dog pics and pics of dogs being doggish and cute: no lost dog posts, no questions about more
the boast of Christmas past
Last year and the year before that and four years ago too we went down on the train to West Germany, to a tiny village lying under the skirts of the old woods. This is more