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In the museum today we followed the script, that is, the writing. Ancient forms of writing carved in stone, and some felled onto papyrus that was torn out of its location later and jammed into more
nasally responsible
On the subway I sat down next to a guy who was remarkably good looking. Tall and well set up, he sat at his ease, one leg crossed over the other and his knee splayed. more
if this is democracy, I’m a jam donut
The narrative of the powerful older woman in our society is a dangerous and poisoned one. She is the evil stepmother, the wicked witch. Past her breeding prime and she knows too much. So if more
The Senate and the House. They are just going to do so much damage. I can hardly breathe, hardly swallow, it's like iron in the chest. Now we see how dangerous our fears are, how more
to her hinge
Just found a line in a notebook which I wrote, on July 15 last year, and I've no idea what I might have meant by it. 'In the mornings/we are proud of his everyday miracle more
magic, or some kind of god
My nephew and I had a conversation about death. He is seven. His teachers have said, apparently, he talks about Papa all the time. So I said, I was crying my eyes out today. Because more
My father has just died. His name was Peter Roy Jorss. His own father died of suicide when Dad was 12 years old. He took us all round the world. He built bridges. My mother more
come to the cabarache, old chum
Made a little performance the other night at a beautiful cabaret improv evening hosted by the lovely Marlène Colle in seedy cab-savvy Berlin - I read something almost unbearably sad among the expressive dances and more
presidential debate
Big guy who shouldered in front of me to the vegetable stall on the markets kept picking up and fondling everything, laying things lingeringly down. In between handling the produce he was adjusting his own more