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River is freezing over and the swans and ducks have a narrow, darker path that they can swim through. Feathered ice-breakers. The ice is flimsy and resembles the scuzzy glass of an uncleaned shower cabinet more
shop of owls
Went into my favourite bookshop today, which has owls carved of different woods stashed in all its corners. For the first time I noticed the sign on the back of the door: Antiquarian shops are more
“high, wild, savage and frightening”
What is that book you're always carrying? my friend wanted to know. So I opened it and read to him: "But the first of the thunder and lightning was always high, wild, savage and frightening. more
the c-u- in court
Drowsy today & introspective and I had to sort of tip myself out of the house like the last olive clinging in the jar. The market stallholders seemed to me noisy and boisterous, cheerful in more
I’m not sure you’re taking this entirely seriously
Went to the outdoor store to try on their $1000 goose-down & coyote fur jackets. "Made in Canada," the sales guy explained as I was falling about laughing at the price: "Canadian wages." "Ah," I more
tall & straight-sided
Tonight I saved somebody's life. I cycled past a table on the mall where Scientologists were practising Scientology, just right out in the open as though it were nothing, were not based on shame & more
Felix Nussbaum
Today I saw the paintings of Felix Nussbaum who because he was born Jewish was murdered at Auschwitz in 1944. My friend described how 'we Germans' had done 'the worst thing' by industrializing mass murder. more
like a cake
Went down to the print shop to ask him to make me a copy of one of the two novels I'm hoping to finalize this winter. Like a PhD student at the far end of more
we were dancing
On the Weihnachtsmarkt before it closed I had this most marvellous adventure. Rounding the corner my friend & I following the thread of sound came on these two solemn, courtly black American musicians, not young, more