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like a cake
Went down to the print shop to ask him to make me a copy of one of the two novels I'm hoping to finalize this winter. Like a PhD student at the far end of more
we were dancing
On the Weihnachtsmarkt before it closed I had this most marvellous adventure. Rounding the corner my friend & I following the thread of sound came on these two solemn, courtly black American musicians, not young, more
On the market I bought a tiny chopping block made from olive wood. It's dense and silky and only a little larger than my spread hand. I was about to hand over the money when more
An hour ago I made friends with two Israeli dudes selling Vietnamese knives on a drearily dripping, cheerily lighted Berlin market. It is so warming and cozy to wander under damp vinyl awnings and it more
like lamps
Just now walking down the street the most miraculous small experience. It's growing dark and the shop windows glow like lamps. I came out of a side street full of bars and cafes onto a more
a novel filled with good advice
The place I've sublet has a shelf of Joanna Trollope novels and I've just reread two of them. It's so interesting learning all the signs she uses to indicate class. In the gentry, rudeness indicates more
hipsteroid rage
The problem of hipsters. Nobody is one, yet everyone complains about them. It's a bit like environmental damage: everybody thinks someone else needs to change. I am listening to the couple at the next table more
eros unregulated
On New Year's Eve after a quiet dinner party at the home of a Romanian artist & Swedish poet, I climbed the round hill that gives Kreuzberg its name: cross mountain. In the dark it more
cafe dating
First date in a cafe. "They always play such excellent jazz here," he is saying. "Try the cakes, they're always good." "Right," the girl says lightly. He has over-ordered, wanting to induct her into his more