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waste land wastes us
In a sense it is true that every inch of every block of every city centre we have is wasted. As we've made a lot of cities - that's a lot of real estate. That's more
built from junk
I wonder if the reason we are all so fascinated by vampires is that we are vampires, slowly draining the blood from our land.  By our habits we suck the life out of the soil, more
praying mantlepiece
Girl on the tram, to her friend: "It made me wanna throw up. And not in a good way."
shaped like a fish
Pouring out dry biscuits for the cat I wonder: why are they fish-shaped?  It can't be for her sake.  She's not thinking, Hey, this reminds me of a fish!  Cats don't abstract.  So though she more
sex as a spectator sport
There are two sex shops nearby amid the shoes, discounted make up, flimsy summer dresses and cheap suits. Assuming they don't sell sex itself any more than garage sales sell garages, I am guessing they more