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Aunt has found god

Aunt has found god
Written by Cathoel Jorss,

Felt a little jangled this morning after accidentally intercepting a phone call from my Aunt Who Has Found God. The last time we spoke at length was several years back and she told me I was possessed by the devil. Looking for common ground, for neutrality, I asked her had they had any rain up there. My Aunt Who Has Found God said, barely a sprinkle. She said, the churches in Gympie are praying for rain, but the last time they prayed for rain they got floods! Ah, I said, yes it’s important to be specific hey? Oh yes, she said. Your Cousin Who Has Found God was saying to me the other day, Mum I said to The Lord, Lord, I just need to earn $130 a week. She says now I should’ve been more generous! Cos I found a job and guess how much I’m earning!

I got off the phone. She just talks to him as though he was a person and he’s her only topic of conversation! My companion briskly ripped this thorn out of my paw. God bless him, even if there isn’t a god. I said: Gahhh I feel really weird! My Aunt Who Has Found God kind of freaked me out! And he said: Cathoel, these people are just programming themselves, to cope. Her authority is called ~ God. Yours and my authority, is called ~ Me. The only difference is these are external-authority-craving people, they need god, because they don’t believe in themselves. They don’t think they are higher beings.


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