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Trump, the Musical

Trump, the Musical
Written by Cathoel Jorss,

Some lines from a musical we are idly writing, online, a bunch of strangers, in response to one of the many memes celebrating the second candidate’s atrocity, which says:

super callous fragile racist extra braggadocious

Which I realise also works as: super callous fragile ego sexist braggadocious

So far we have:

….his ideas and attitudes are really quite atrocious, by Caroline McDonald

…T’wards women and minorities he’s really quite ferocious, by Louise Gowing

…even if he were a child you couldn’t say he was precocious… by me

…if you say it loud enough he really is atrocious, by Steve Mcleod


superfragile egomonster expediting crisis! which ruins the rhyme, also by me

All together now!

Phew. Writing a musical is hard work. Who knew?

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