kindness of strangers

you are smoke

you are smoke
Written by Cathoel Jorss,

Lord, but I love giving advice to strangers. I bail them up in grocery stores to make suggestions about biodegradable washing powder. In boutiques and in op shops I say stuff like, Wow that looks good on you ~ you should buy it. Tonight I tore a strip off my napkin and wrote a note to the girl at the next table, having eavesdropped on her conversation with a slicked-back dude in a leather jacket. Snatches I’d overheard: “I find it gets messy when people get emotionally attached in a relationship.” (Him). “ complicate a sexual feeling” (him). “So I’m supposed to just… ask if that’s ok?” (Her). My note said, “beautiful girl ~ this guy sounds like a selfish brute. You can do better. Don’t let him have you.” When I was pulling on my jacket I went over and said, Sorry to interrupt – this is for you. She gave me an shy, optimistic, luminous smile that made me so glad I had acted.

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