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late night and overhead
Late night walk through the freezing fog. "Like Blade Runner." We turn down all the opportunities in the park to buy pot. Here is a street where all the houses are Fifties, which must have more
is still a man
A homeless man was sleeping in the stairwell when I came home. Or, to put it in the terms which my instinctive body understood, a stranger, appearing unexpectedly, had barricaded my door; his body was more
apple a day
Saturday night, home with the one I love. We cycled over to the Korean grocers' in the freezing cold mist to get ingredients and I made soto ayam, my favourite Javanese chicken soup from childhood. more
the organic drunk
In the supermarket carrying my two jars of honey, because it's been nonstop chai masala weather, I fetched up queuing behind a guy in a vinyl blouson jacket who had just unloaded his entire cart. more
buy for me
Young, scruffy, insouciant Indian boy is walking by the greasy canal with his parents. Evidently he's been showing them Berlin. Lifting his shapeless hand in a vague gesture towards the old, carved terraces he says: more
In the museum today we followed the script, that is, the writing. Ancient forms of writing carved in stone, and some felled onto papyrus that was torn out of its location later and jammed into more
nasally responsible
On the subway I sat down next to a guy who was remarkably good looking. Tall and well set up, he sat at his ease, one leg crossed over the other and his knee splayed. more
if this is democracy, I’m a jam donut
The narrative of the powerful older woman in our society is a dangerous and poisoned one. She is the evil stepmother, the wicked witch. Past her breeding prime and she knows too much. So if more
The Senate and the House. They are just going to do so much damage. I can hardly breathe, hardly swallow, it's like iron in the chest. Now we see how dangerous our fears are, how more