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unAustralian Day

unAustralian Day
Written by Cathoel Jorss,

The aspects of Australianness I feel most dearly attached to, and which are also the aspects Germans, Americans, other people seem most intensely curious to hear reports of whenever I’m travel outside Australia, are these:

1. the land (the shape of the land, like an upside-down heart); the surf, the rock formations, the desert, the landscapes.

2. the creatures we tyrannize and extinguish and who seem to threaten us

3. the peoples whose cultures, whose survival and quietude makes them an irresistible secret, beloved of every thinking person, a guide to what we are generally doing wrong and where we might go right

Survival Day: a clue to the changes we are making too slowly to survive, all of us, aboard our beloved earth. Unfold the new flag, raise up our fresher songs, institute a Council of Advisory Elders to put a check on our Parliaments. I want government by tribal elders and old women. I want pride and humility to be our standards.


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  1. Survival Day – perfect! Bring out your ideas, spin them across the land: posters, parties, poems, prose.,,

    Alison Lambert January 27, 2015 at 7:07 pm

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