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three little children
I was walking home up our rainy street when a woman popped her head up and spoke to me. She had the doors to her car standing open and was looking put-upon. "Entschuldigung," she said, more
our neighbour grief
Coming past the apartment below me I heard from the stairs the unmistakeable noises of grief. Fresh, recent, still shocking grief. It was new, and she was pleading with him. I stood hesitating on the more
Today is the Autumn Equinox. As a southern hemispherian I decided to finally find out what that means. In the subtropics we barely notice a difference in the lengths of any days. Turns out 'equinox' more
for the ages
I went to see Paul Kelly play Berlin. I was going with my girlfriend and the evening of, she rang to say: I don't feel well. I feel so tired and I just need to more
East German joy
Today I was in a tiny bakery in Brandenburg and laid a ten euro note on the counter. The bakery lady picked it up, her face spasming with disapproval, and shifted it 20cm south before more
late summerhaft
Across town today I had the impulse to come through an overgrown island of trees that surrounds a church, and went wheeling my bike along its narrow, littered path where, if I tuned out the more
by force
In an Italian cafe I saw two eight-year-olds locked in a passionate embrace. I had to blink. What on earth? On closer examination he had her locked, her neck was rigid, he had hold of more
we call it Berlin snout
In a second hand shop I tried on the superlong pair of creamy trousers that had had to be hung twice over the pavement rack. They were pearl coloured Thai silk and so long in more
heart attacked
I just got a letter from my mother explaining she has been in hospital for five days with bronchial pneumonia. The sickest, ie closest to death, she's ever been. She's 78 years old and had more